5 Tips for Writing Ads that Bring in Business

5 Tips for Writing Ads that Bring in Business

Are you looking for ways to grow your home improvement business and connect with your target customers? We all know the easiest way to do that is through a great advertising campaign. Here at BeDazzle Home Improvements, we also know writing ads that snag your customer’s attention and get results are hard! We want to help, so here are five tips to make things just a little easier for you.

Know What You Want!

It sounds simple, but a lot of times when it comes to writing advertisements it is easy to lose sight of exactly what you are hoping to gain. Are you looking to connect with prospects in a mid-level market who are looking to begin their project ASAP? Or are you focusing on building brand awareness and stronger relationships with upscale clients who update their living space every few years but aren’t actively planning a project now?

Knowing exactly who you are writing to helps you figure out what is important to that particular prospect, so you don’t waste time marketing to the wrong demographics. If you are booked through to the end of the year, it doesn’t make sense to spend your hard-earned advertising dollars on someone wanting to remodel their kitchen next week.

Use Online Reviews and Customer Testimonials

People buy from people they know and trust. So give your prospects a reason to trust you! In a 2017 Buyers Survey*, 67% of respondents said reviews were a “very important” consideration and over 90% said they were more likely to buy if they had been able to read a trusted review.

Be proactive when collecting reviews to share in your ads. Always follow up with customers after a sale and request a review while you are still fresh in their minds. You can also add a page to your website requesting reviews from satisfied customers. If you don’t have a good system to collect reviews yourself there are companies like Birdeye or Podium that will do it for you.

Show Urgency

Fear of missing out is real. People are much more likely to buy when they are afraid of missing out on something. You can use that to your advantage in your advertising by offering time-sensitive offers, a set number of specially priced items, limited inventory, and pricing increases after a certain number of sales. Give your prospects a reason to buy now, as they will have forgotten your ad by tomorrow.

Take Advantage of Seasonal Trends

Home improvement projects rise and fall in popularity as seasons change. You can use that to your advantage by highlighting seasonal trends in your advertising. Showing a family enjoying a beautiful outdoor kitchen in the summer or a couple cuddled up in front of their cozy new fireplace in the winter and you are much more likely to engage your prospects. By keeping up with what’s hot in your market, and including that in your keywords and images, you will be more likely to catch the eye of potential customers while they are searching for their next project.

Have a Call to Action

Once you have created your ad, gotten your prospect’s attention, and sold them on how great you are, be sure to tell them what you want them to do. Are you wanting them to subscribe to your newsletter so you can keep in touch and add them to your pipeline? Or are you offering a free consultation and samples if they call now? Whatever it is you want your prospect to do, make sure it is crystal clear in your ad, otherwise, you risk them losing interest and clicking away.

Bonus Tip

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